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We'd like to introduce ourselves! 

Jeff Magee: Music Director 


Jeff has been in the a cappella game long before Glee and Pitch Perfect were popular! 


He started his a cappella journey with Oscat in 2004. During his time as a member of Oscat, Jeff recorded 2 CDs, and performed in various competitions across the USA with this choir. He was also the music director for TBA (Tunes. Beats. Awesome.) for 6 years. During his time at TBA he led the choir to 2 ICCA semi-finals and took home some big competition wins, including best arrangements, best soloist, and best vocal purcussionist! In the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 seasons Jeff had the pleasure of returning to the ICCAs, but as a judge! (I don't think we need to explicitly state just how cool that is!)


When Jeff isn't busy directing collegiate a capella choirs he's teaching music to high school students with special needs. Jeff takes pride in providing "music education for everyone," which is the philosophy he brings to Oscat.   


This year, Jeff is most looking forward to challenging choir members to their fullest musical potential, as well as making this year the most performance-packed yet!  

The Choir

Katelyn Katic

Asssistant Conductor

Katelyn recently graduated from the U of T Faculty of Music this past June, with a major in Music Education on classical clarinet and a minor in English. She is now in her first year of teachers' college in the Master of Teaching program at OISE, where she is learning how to put her music ed skills to good use. Katelyn is very excited for her 4th year in Oscat for the 2019-2020 season, and is looking forward to learning some more fun and challenging music!

Maggie Yang

Maggie is a first year commerce student in U of T. She sings classical, loves j-pop, and she is thrilled to start her jazz advanture in Oscat with such a brilliant group of people.^ω^

Defne Urman

Defne is a second-year life sci student majoring in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology. When she is not drowning in school work, she likes to curl up in a blanket and watch Netflix... Okay, she actually does that even when she is drowning in school work. She also likes to procrastinate by cooking, stress-cleaning and, of course, singing. She is very excited for her first year in Oscat and is thankful to be part of such a talented group!

This is Tara’s second year in Oscat, and she’s thrilled to once again be a part of such a fun group. She’s a psych major, birthday party entertainer, and aspiring self-sufficient adult. Singing has always been important to her, and being in a choir is usually a key part of her well-being. Her hobbies include playing the piano, hanging out at tea shops, and laughing at inappropriate memes. 

Tara Smylie

Social Coordinator

Crystal Huang

Executive Secretary

Crystal is in her final year of her undergrad, doing a double major in psychology and criminology. She is very happy to reprise her role as executive secretary for her 4th year in Oscat and excited to organize new and exciting things for the choir. Her hobbies include learning 3 chord songs on the ukulele, excessive scheduling, and watching a limited selection of Netflix shows with her 13 year old brother.

Esin Ozbek

Concert Manager


Esin is a third-year student in human biology and literature, and like her majors she likes "a little bit of everything" in her Spotify library, from polyrhythmic funk to mellow jazz. When not singing, you can catch her practicing her Japanese or stress-baking too many cookies. This is her first year in Oscat and she is very excited to be here!

Clara Hick


Clara is a second year student at U of T, specializing in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology. Clara loves to play the piano, strum her ukelele, write songs, and, of course, sing! This is Clara's second year of being in Oscat, and she is so excited to be singing with such an amazing group of people!

Christy Shijia Yu

Assistant Conductor

It's Christy's second year both in Oscat and at UofT, where she studies Mathematics and Gender Studies. When she is not singing or struggling with math, she also enjoys jiu jitsu, broccoli, chocolates, and hugging people. She is very grateful and excited for the new year with Oscat as an assistant conductor, because unlike the square root of -1, her love for music is very real.

Danny Zhang

Publicity Director

Danny is a masters student in Electrical Engineering.  His hobbies include photography, hiking, and finding free food on campus. Low key that’s probably why he joined Oscat; for the occasional free dinner at gigs. However, as they say, “came for the food, stayed for the people”, Danny is very happy making music with his friends at Oscat!

Dhruva Nilakantan

Dhruva is in his third year in Oscat and his third year at UofT, studying Neuroscience. Dhruva loves to watch and play hockey and only knows how to play Coldplay songs on the piano. He is very excited about singing with this group again as he's had so much fun these last two years!

Rafeed Khan

Raffeed is in his 1st year in Life Sci. He is from Winnipeg, and is passionate about singing and am loving Oscat so far

James is a third year Kinesiology student who enjoys cooking, getting gains, and binging Netflix shows. After class, you’ll most likely see him in the gym, in the library, or walking around catching Pokémon since he has to be the very best that no one ever was. Oh, and he also enjoys singing!

James Lee

Aleks Neceski

External Relations

"Music finds a way to say that which words cannot. Singing usually has both words and music though, so I wonder how that works for songs. If you figure it out, let me know."

Jedwin Mok

Jedwin is a first year Computer Science student at the University of Toronto. Aside from singing, he loves to play basketball and make movies. He is very excited to sing with Oscat in the coming year!

Jackson Smylie


Jackson was disconcerted to learn that, as a perennial bass, his most uttered word in life is probably "dm". Nonetheless, he loves swooping chords and singing low notes on a hangover. Jackson is delighted to be joining Oscat for a fifth year, and tirelessly works to unite himself with the double bass. He studies cognitive science and philosophy at U of T but is mainly in school for Oscat.

Richard Ren

Richard just graduated from the Pathobiology program and is now in the workforce. Vocal jazz is a defining component of his personality. This is Richard's second year singing and mouth trumpeting with Oscat, and he will work hard to bring you some great (and surprising) tunes!

Justin Peh Yu Xiang

Justin is on exchange as a 3rd year EngSci from National University of Singapore. Acquainted with both types of keyboards, he invites you for a discussion on the latest in contemporary choral music and software. He is convinced in singing as the modern-day stress relief and cherishes every minute walking the bass with Oscat.

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